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Character Creation Thread I

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Character Creation Thread I Empty Character Creation Thread I

Post by Master of Ceremonies on 11/12/15, 05:51 pm

Okay, so i've been simplifying the process as much as possible.

The Character Sheet is something that I will fill out and update. Usually in response to your actions. For the most part, you only need to check your character sheet to weight options and know what you have. However you can edit notes and Description.

Character Creation Steps

1. Describe a character. This process has three regulations : Your character must be from Earth. Your character must know about magic, and would desire to enter one of its worlds. Your character must pass as healthy bodily and mentally, for the most part.

2. Choose two major events in your characters life. Assign each a different color. Increase those colors by 1. Then for each color chosen, choose one of its enemy colors to subtract from. Decrease those colors by 1, even into negative numbers.

White's enemies are Red and Black.
Blue's enemies are Red and Green.
Black's enemies are Green and White.
Red's enemies are Blue and White.
Green's enemies are Black and Blue.

3. Your Action Scores are Movement, Labour, Charisma and Intellect. Choose one to increase by 2, and one to increase by 1.

Each of these scores determines your ability to Travel, do honest work, be diplomatic and solve problems respectively.

4. Determine how you met the shady Master of Ceremonies, an interplanar business man who makes deals like the devil. Justify your trust of him to the point that you end up in his 'White Walled Room' in the blind eternities with the other characters, about to make a deal with him to live for 5 years on Ravnica.

Think of smart questions to ask about the legal process.

Thus far you know : You get to live 5 years on Ravnica, your affairs on Eart are taken care of and everyone thinks you are on holiday. If you die, MC gets your soul.
The massive stack of paper work implies a few other specifics.

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Master of Ceremonies
Master of Ceremonies
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